January 18, 2017
As seen by native of Utah, prolific travel blogger and tourist Ammon Cunningham, Utah is a world-class travel destination that every traveler should see at least once. And one thing they should definitely make a point of seeing is Canyonlands National Park, which is situated in the southeast corner of the state. Quite often, Canyonlands is referred to as Utah's version of the Grand Canyon, primarily because the views can be just as spectacular and breathtaking.

In addition to the views of the canyon below, however, there are also amazing vistas of rivers and mountains, which are snowcapped for much of the year. Besides the scenery in the main section of the park, however, there are sections that are somewhat more remote but worth the hike, including Mesa Arch, which is stunning during sunrise, and White Rim Road, which features a winding dirt road that follows along sheer cliffs. That is not for the faint-hearted, though, as the road features dramatic drops into the valley below. There is a reason why Canyonlands sees more than 630,000 visitors annually.